Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maasil Veenaiyum Maalai Madhiyamum
Veesu thendralum veengila veynilum
Moosu vandarai poygayum ponradhee
Eesan endhai inayadi neezhalee.

The shelter under the parallel feet of the God, my boss, is like the nice melody of Veena (Musical Instrument), the early evening moon, pleasant breeze, the Spring, a pond where bees are in making sound.

Finally the king decided to throw Thirunaanukkarasar into the sea tieing him to a big stone. He was taken in a boat to the deeper portion of the sea with the body tied to a stone. He was thrown in the sea. He was unruffled. That time he recited with great love and confidence on Lord Shiva this hymn. To the surprise of all others the stone became the boat and Thirunaavukkarasar got down in a village near Thiruppadhiripuliyoor (Kadaloor).

Sotrunai veedhiyan soodhi vaanavan
Potrunai thirundhadi porundha kai thozha
Katrunai pootiyoor kadalir paaichchinum
Natrunai aavadhu NAMASHIVAYAvee

The reciter of the Vedas, the flame like God, if we pray with folded hands to his gold like glittering feet, even if we were tied to a big stone and thrown in the sea there is a savior - that is the NAMASHIVAYA. ( The Holy five letter)

Thirunaavukkarasar wanted the bad statement that he once went to Jainism to be suppressed by identifying him as a Shivanadiyaar (Devotee). For that he wanted the holy symbols of the Lord, namely the Holy Bull and Thrisuula, to be marked on his body. For that he sang this song to the Lord of Thiruth thuungaanai maadam. Immediately Siva ganas came and put those marks on his shoulders and disappeared.

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